Skirting Boards

1) Introduction.

The very first question that might have popped up in your minds is to google the term ‘Skirting Boards'. What are they? And How do they Look Like? These are all popular questions as you might have known them with a different name. There are a lot of other names in the market by which Skirting boards are known. You can come to the terms like Mop boards, Baseboards which is commonly used by the Americans. Skirting boards are plank like structures built with carved designs. Their main purpose is to fill the gap between the walls, flooring and the furniture in the houses.

2) What material are they made of?

There are special kinds of woods which are used in the preparation of the Skirting boards. A lot of different design patterns are also carved on the boards to give a royal feel to the planks. Now they are not just used as the gap fillers between the floor and the furniture. They are now the decoratives which look good in the flooring and add beauty to your house. The wood used in skirting boards is mostly of oak trees so that the design patterns can be carved easily.

3) Conclusion and Importance of the Skirting Boards.

There are a lot of reason to have skirting boards installed in your house. Some of them are related to the Decoration and beautifying your house. Other are related to the effectiveness of the skirting boards in protecting your wall paints and the wallpaper. They can also avoid those ugly scratch marks on the walls which are left by scratching the furniture. You can use various kinds of color combination to generate an exceptional pattern inside your living room. The shape and design of these boards will add value to your beautiful house.